Welcome to Intuition Systems

For almost thirty years Intuition Systems has developed and provided program management solutions that have successfully served our clients, with resulting cost savings and increased efficiencies in core work activities.

As we have grown over the years our spirit of innovation has led us into new areas of client service, with an ever increasing dedication to understanding and meeting their unique needs.

Our expertise as a service provider concentrates on three key areas.

Records Management

Our focus is in providing 529 college savings program records administration services for both prepaid and investment plans. We manage the largest pre-paid college plan nationwide in Florida with over a million contracts and program assets of $7.7 billion. We also provide services for the states of Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Payment Processing

We provide customized electronic and check payment processing solutions for numerous governmental, commercial, and financial institutions. We have grown to over 28 million payments processed annually for over sixty clients at our two processing facilities located in Clearwater and Jacksonville, Florida.

Regulatory Solutions

Known as Veritec we provide regulatory program management in the states of Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota and Michigan, for the oversight and management of their deferred presentment programs, regulating both payday lending and predatory lending.